Saturday, July 11, 2009

From Facebook, June 22, 2009:

Sweet Jesus - there are EIGHT African Dwarf Frogs in the trifle did I miss this?

Comments (from FB):

Ed Carmien at 6:54pm June 22
Because they breed Or math is not your long suit? Or there's a cyborg infiltrator, looking for John "le frog" Connor, leader of the future frog resistance against...oh, never mind.

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 6:57pm June 22
Now wait just a minute. I'm so confused, there are so many characters in As the Frog Turns, I don't know if eight is MORE or LESS than you expected!!!!

Sarah McGinnis at 7:07pm June 22
Read on...I've changed the title.

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 7:11pm June 22
Did Claude come from a Froggy bar, perhaps? Or maybe from a plane which broke apart in the sky? Drawn to the trifle dish by a mysterious electromagnetic force?

Cindy Schoenfeld at 12:39am June 23
You aced your writing class in elem school, but flunked math?

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