Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vanessa attempts to contact the Loch Ness Monster through a séance. She is unsuccessful. Lilith feels Vanessa is misguided in her efforts, and introduces Vanessa to a natterjack. Vanessa immediately develops a crush on the natterjack. She loves his accent but can't understand a word he says.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ernst reads his latest poem to the group:
"Murky water hiding secrets
Spent my life avoiding egrets
Now is not the time for regrets."
Depressed, the rest of the frogs demand Ernst's whisky (Glenlilliepadh single malt).

Character Spotlight On:
Bob: Passionate and melodramatic he nurses a recent heartbreak. He comes from royalty, but this has been a closely held secret. He yearns to play polo, however, he is a frog. He has a strong and assertive breast stroke.

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 8 African Dwarf Frogs
Marjorie, feeling neglected by an emotionally distant Julio, turns to Binkie for consolation. Binkie has always thought Marjorie to be quite glamourous with her lovely skin mucous, and is flattered by her attention. Julio watches another soccer match.