Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caroline's Christmas quilt, finished just in time for Easter

Yes, this quilt is indeed over 3 months late.  It's been sitting in my sewing room, complete except for hand sewing the back of the binding.  Way to procrastinate!  Geez, the poor kid waited long enough.

New Wave quilt

Oh, Fransson's New Wave quilt pattern - top is done. You can access the pattern & lots of info about it here:

Mom's quilt (top)

My mom's favorite colors are sunny, bright, and summery.  Lots of yellow, green, blue, red - all bright, no muddy colors.  She definitely shows her Scandinavian heritage through her color preferences.  So for this quilt, I used a lot of Heather Bailey fabrics, along with a smattering of Amy Butler and Paula Prass for Michael Miller.  I'm working on some pieced squares for the back.  I'm not sure the colors really show well in these pictures, so I may attempt another photo shoot.  The pattern is Turning Twenty, which uses 20 fat quarters.  I've read about people sewing this quilt pattern as a break from more complicated projects.  It's true that it's very easy, and it made me happy to use big pieces of these pretty fabrics.

Susannah's quilt

I have several works in progress, and at the top of the list to FINISH NOW is Susannah's quilt.  "Why are working on that other thing, Mom?  Why aren't you finishing MY quilt?"  It's the largest quilt I've done so far, so the thought of pinning the quilt sandwich is intimidating.  Plus, I wanted to do some free motion quilting on it, maybe in a wave pattern.  But...I've never done any free motion quilting.  Looks like a couple of doll quilts are in my immediate future.