Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow Day

This is what our crabapple tree looks like in spring:
Here is what it looks like today:

That's right, Susannah is stepping into the tree. Not climbing, stepping.

Sunday afternoon with my daughter

The weather here was just vile yesterday afternoon. After helping our neighbors with their flooded garage, and a calorific lunch at the Wayside, we ditched any notion of venturing further and hunkered down at home. Susannah made a very cool throw pillow cover with some fabrics she bought a while ago. Those cute Michael Miller deer! I wanted to keep the project super simple, but she INSISTED on the pieced front. The back is a simple envelope closure. I love how it turned out - so mod. Anyone out there sewing with kids: opinions on using rotary cutters? My daughter is 10, and I'm pretty hesitant about putting a rotary cutter into her hands. Input would be appreciated. Anyway, this topped off a relaxed weekend, but one with THREE finishes: my linen cargo skirt, a quilted throw pillow cover for my mom, and Sus's project. I'll add more pictures as I get them. I'm just terrible at photographing projects before I send them off into the world.