Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vanessa attempts to contact the Loch Ness Monster through a séance. She is unsuccessful. Lilith feels Vanessa is misguided in her efforts, and introduces Vanessa to a natterjack. Vanessa immediately develops a crush on the natterjack. She loves his accent but can't understand a word he says.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ernst reads his latest poem to the group:
"Murky water hiding secrets
Spent my life avoiding egrets
Now is not the time for regrets."
Depressed, the rest of the frogs demand Ernst's whisky (Glenlilliepadh single malt).

Character Spotlight On:
Bob: Passionate and melodramatic he nurses a recent heartbreak. He comes from royalty, but this has been a closely held secret. He yearns to play polo, however, he is a frog. He has a strong and assertive breast stroke.

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 8 African Dwarf Frogs
Marjorie, feeling neglected by an emotionally distant Julio, turns to Binkie for consolation. Binkie has always thought Marjorie to be quite glamourous with her lovely skin mucous, and is flattered by her attention. Julio watches another soccer match.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

From Facebook, June 25, 2009:

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 8 African Dwarf Frogs
The frogs are kicking out a memorial dance party:
"That this is thriller, thriller night
'Cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try
Thriller, thriller night
So let me hold you tight and share a
Killer, diller, chiller, thriller here tonight" - MJ

Comments (from FB):

Lisa Allan Aronson at 9:35pm June 25
Looks like those frogs got some moves! MJ would be proud!

Nicole Neimann at 9:29am June 26
thanks for your call last night -so thoughtfull! your frogs are thrillin me babe.

From Facebook, June 24, 2009:

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 8 African Dwarf Frogs
Bob receives a letter from Africa, but does not reveal the contents. He is clearly shaken. Marjorie tries to snoop, but is discovered by Lilith. A confrontation ensues, with minor web slapping.

Comments (from FB):

Leigh Chandler at 7:05pm June 24

From Facebook, June 23, 2009

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 8 African Dwarf Frogs
A despondent Bob approaches Vanessa for a web reading and psychic healing. Vanessa senses Bob has a family secret from his past, but reassures him that his long life will be filled with love and croaking. They do not see Claude eavesdropping on their conversation.

Comments (from FB):

Leigh Chandler at 8:40pm June 23
Vanessa seems like a crackpot to me. Bob will have a LONG life filled with love and CROAKING? Seems like she's giving mixed messages...

From Facebook, June 22, 2009:

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 8 African Dwarf Frogs
The group is shocked when Claude mysteriously appears, suffering from amnesia although otherwise healthy. He remembers nothing after leaving class last Thursday...

Comments (from FB):

Leigh Chandler at 8:22pm June 22
The real question is how Lilith will react to all this...

Kim Flippin at 9:35am June 23
Ed has a good point. You should get a German Shepard...

Sarah McGinnis at 1:12pm June 23
I really don't think we could handle 8 big dogs.
From Facebook, June 22, 2009:

Sweet Jesus - there are EIGHT African Dwarf Frogs in the trifle did I miss this?

Comments (from FB):

Ed Carmien at 6:54pm June 22
Because they breed Or math is not your long suit? Or there's a cyborg infiltrator, looking for John "le frog" Connor, leader of the future frog resistance against...oh, never mind.

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 6:57pm June 22
Now wait just a minute. I'm so confused, there are so many characters in As the Frog Turns, I don't know if eight is MORE or LESS than you expected!!!!

Sarah McGinnis at 7:07pm June 22
Read on...I've changed the title.

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 7:11pm June 22
Did Claude come from a Froggy bar, perhaps? Or maybe from a plane which broke apart in the sky? Drawn to the trifle dish by a mysterious electromagnetic force?

Cindy Schoenfeld at 12:39am June 23
You aced your writing class in elem school, but flunked math?

From Facebook, June 21, 2009:

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 7 African Dwarf Frogs
Marjorie finds Julio watching a soccer match. He does not notice her freshly polished webbing. Lilith ignores Marjorie's complaints, saying "You get what you croak for." Lilith has always admired Bob and thinks Marjorie is a fool.

Comments (from FB):

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 2:53pm June 21
Yes, but what about Julio?

Sarah McGinnis at 2:55pm June 21
all will be revealed

Leigh Chandler at 5:32pm June 21
I see a big barfight coming on...

From Facebook, June 20, 2009:

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 7 African Dwarf Frogs
Bob passes out after drinking Ernst's bottle of rare Glenlilliepadh single malt whisky. Bob is overheard mumbling, "Marjorie, why? Why? Ribbittzzzzzz…" Ernst, annoyed, retreats to his lilypad to write poetry with themes of betrayal and petty theft.

Comments (unedited from FB):

Cindy Schoenfeld at 11:44am June 20
Sarah, you haven't changed much with your humor in all these years...hilarious! I'm enjoying your soap opera!!!

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 1:34pm June 20
I can imagine Sarah's early grades report cards... "Sarah has a... ahem... um... vivid imagination."

Cindy Schoenfeld at 1:45pm June 20
Yah, for sure...I bet she got an "A" in writing!

From Facebook, June 19, 2009:

On today's installment of "As the Frog Turns", Marjorie appears to have shifted her affection from Bob to Julio. Emotionally devastated, Bob attempts to jump out of the tupperware container. Lilith tells him to not be such a pollywog. There are other frogs in the pond.

Comments (from FB):

Leigh Chandler at 3:39pm June 19
OH MY GOD! BOB CANNOT kill himself over that tramp!

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 7:24pm June 19
Little does Marjorie know, Bob is a prince in disguise. What a dimwitted wench.

Conrad Boucher at 7:32pm June 19
Poor Bob. It's not easy being green.
From Facebook, June 18, 2009:

Today, on "As the Frog Turns", the 4 frogs came back to us, along with one more buddy. African Dwarf Frog Total: 7. Bob is happy, but the rest are still nameless. The guinea pigs feel quite superior.

Comments (from FB):

Kim Flippin at 8:50am June 19
I hear frogs taste like chicken.....

Sarah McGinnis at 3:01pm June 19
These might taste like really tiny chicken.
From Facebook, June 17, 2009:
On today's episode of "As the Frog Turns", 4 frogs went back to the classroom. Tune in tomorrow.

Comments (from FB):

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 4:46pm June 17
The suspense is killing me! What a cliffhanger!
From Facebook, June 16, 2009:
Our family is now larger by 6 African Dwarf Frogs.

Comments (From FB):

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 11:32am June 16

Nicole Neimann at 3:43pm June 16
are they residing with the guinea pigs??!

Ahava Java at 5:52pm June 16
lol. cool!

Conrad Boucher at 8:14pm June 16
Sounds exotic. What are their names?

Sarah McGinnis at 9:36pm June 16
Haven't named them all yet, but the one that almost got away is Bob.

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 9:43pm June 16
I think if you have a Bob, you better have a Phil.... there ya go, name them after the punch lines to jokes about men's names.

Conrad Boucher at 8:09am June 17
How about posting a pic and then take suggestions from your FB friends? Sounds like a party!