Saturday, July 11, 2009

From Facebook, June 20, 2009:

As the Frog Turns: The Lives and Loves of 7 African Dwarf Frogs
Bob passes out after drinking Ernst's bottle of rare Glenlilliepadh single malt whisky. Bob is overheard mumbling, "Marjorie, why? Why? Ribbittzzzzzz…" Ernst, annoyed, retreats to his lilypad to write poetry with themes of betrayal and petty theft.

Comments (unedited from FB):

Cindy Schoenfeld at 11:44am June 20
Sarah, you haven't changed much with your humor in all these years...hilarious! I'm enjoying your soap opera!!!

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 1:34pm June 20
I can imagine Sarah's early grades report cards... "Sarah has a... ahem... um... vivid imagination."

Cindy Schoenfeld at 1:45pm June 20
Yah, for sure...I bet she got an "A" in writing!

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