Saturday, July 11, 2009

From Facebook, June 19, 2009:

On today's installment of "As the Frog Turns", Marjorie appears to have shifted her affection from Bob to Julio. Emotionally devastated, Bob attempts to jump out of the tupperware container. Lilith tells him to not be such a pollywog. There are other frogs in the pond.

Comments (from FB):

Leigh Chandler at 3:39pm June 19
OH MY GOD! BOB CANNOT kill himself over that tramp!

Cheryl Farnum Rendino at 7:24pm June 19
Little does Marjorie know, Bob is a prince in disguise. What a dimwitted wench.

Conrad Boucher at 7:32pm June 19
Poor Bob. It's not easy being green.

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