Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zombie Outbreak Preparedness

Author's Note: The "Appendix Z" link has been updated, and should work correctly.
So, the health organization for whom I work uses various protocol manuals, including the Laboratory & Infection Management Manual. A few months ago, I had the task of revising and reformatting this manual. Are you asleep yet? It quickly became clear to me that a major health and safety concern was not being addressed within the manual. So I fixed that, creating "Appendix Z: Zombie Outbreak Preparedness" . I distributed this document to my work colleagues on April 1, 2011, to little fanfare (although a few folks seemed very appreciative). Please note that I am neither a licensed health care provider nor in any way qualified to either direct a laboratory or set policy. So it was a bit surprising when the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) blatantly ripped me off. Here's the link to their zombie Emergency Preparedness and Response page, published May 16, 2011. You're welcome, CDC.

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  1. Are you still hyperventilating? If so I can send you a brown bag. . . to breathe into. lol thanks for your comment on the blog it brought a smile to my face for sure!!