Friday, January 7, 2011

Babies at Christmas are like chocolate with caramel

This Christmas, we had another family of three with us: my friend Lis, her partner Zach, and her gorgeous girl Faelen.  Faelen is now a year and half, and shares a birthday with my daughter.  The two girls adore each other, with Faelen following Susannah (when Sus isn't toting her).  Between the Christmas tree, the guinea pigs, the toys we hauled out, and the refrigerator magnets, that little girl had a very busy schedule.  But you know what her favorite thing was?  The box of corks on the butcher block shelf.  You know what my favorite thing was?  The incredibly yummy pasta dinner Lis and Zach made for us.  Still thinking about it.

I started Faelen's quilt last summer, and even had the quilt top done for her birthday.  Yup, took me another six months to finish a baby quilt.

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