Monday, December 13, 2010

Only one broken ornament

Our Chrismas tree is cut, placed, & trimmed.  It looks a little small compared to other years, but no new scrapes on the ceiling, swearing by the DH, or general grumpiness ensued, AND that thing is TOTALLY STRAIGHT.  We've gotten away from our formerly traditional Xmas tree fight, wherein I insist on a tree that inevitably turns out to be too large for our small space.  He wised up last year, and now brings a tape measure with us on our tree expedition.  I tried to pick a fight last year anyway, just to be in the spirit of things, but it didn't work.

I made a tree mat on Friday night. I can't call it a tree skirt, because I was too rushed to plan out the skirt part, so just have a needle-catcher-thingie, also known as a mat.  But man, I love that Alexander Henry holiday fabric.  Reminds me of the work of Margaret Bloy Graham, children's book illustrator.
Those are blocks of wood under the tree, not presents.  I really cannot explain why they are there.


  1. Love your tree! And the fabric on that tree mat is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway!

  2. Your tree mat and Christmas tree are so pretty!