Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A work in progress...what I need to finish is the binding.  My first plan isn't working, so I'm going to try a scrappy binding.  The quilt top is a pattern from Elizabeth at "Oh, Fransson!".  Look familiar?  I posted a photo of the top in May, and lots of people have done their own version of this.  This size uses 12 fat quarters, plus fabric for sashing, back, and binding.  I loved putting the colors and patterns together so much, that I'll try a larger version sometime.  The back is my own design, with the fox applique modified from a piece of clip art.  I did the wonky scrappy strip & the fox, but it felt unfinished.  Last week I hacked apart the back, adding in the two fabric strips.  I'm much happier with the finished result.

I used a combination of zigzag and straight stitches in 3 thread colors.  Why don't people use a zigzag when machine quilting?  I thought it was a nice little twist.  There's probably some huge reason why this is bad, like it will bring on the zombie apocalypse or similar. 

Lint much?  I hope the little guy cleans up all right.

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